Sunday, 8 June 2014

BJP Leader Vijay Pandit killed in Greater Noida

While returning from his brother's shop, assassins fired several shots at Mr.Pandit, one of the shot hits his chest too. The police sources that that incident took place around 8:30pm. Killers ran away leaving their motorbike behind, they also fired some shots in air to scare the people around.

Police sources said that there could be involvement of some local gang. When BJP workers and other people knew about this incident, they reached the site of crime, where they there stones on buses and on police, due to which two policemen were also injured.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Need people to volunteer to act in an independent horror film

We are looking to start our career in film making and for that we need people in Greater Noida between age 19-30 years old, who are interested in drama, acting to volunteer to act in our first film for free. We will not be able to make any money from our first few films, because we will be new and distributors cannot therefore trust us, but if we are able to produce some entertaining films we soon might get some reputed producers and distributors.

Currently we have not named anything, but I am making post here to seek whether I get any response from people, unless and until I don't have my own crew that is willing to put their acting skills in our project, film making will be a little difficult for us. So, if you are in Greater Noida/Noida and willing to join us please mail us your name, mobile number, city, age, photo on our email id.

Our first film will be a horror film, that we will release on Internet. We need actors, Sound designers to write background score for our movie (If you want to do it for free and get your name publish), if we didn't get any sound designer, we will do it our self.

Currently the roles available are -
1) Leading Male Actor (19-30 years old)
2) Leading Female Actress.(19-24 years old)
3) Second male lead role.(19-30 years old)
4) Second female lead role(19-30 years old)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Need an actor and actress for an upcoming video web series

There is an upcoming film project that is scheduled to be shot in August 2014. It will be an Independent project that requires an actress and an actor. The project is similar to the movie 'Paranormal Activity'. If you want to get more details about Paranormal activity here is the link -

If you inspire to act and make your future in films, it is a chance for you to become part of a film. Greater Noida is full of young talents. Together we can create this opportunity to accomplish an actual project and move a step ahead towards film making and acting.

It will be maximum 10 days shoot in august 2014 and in Greater Noida. Need an actress and an actor between age 20-24 years old, with minimum height of 5ft.2 inch for female and 5ft.6 inch for male. Both must be bold and good looking and have confidence and acting skills. More details about your role will be emailed to you once you are selected. You are required to mail us your name, age and a photo at -

Currently we have not disclosed any other film related information like story or it's name, but if you want to get an idea you can watch 'Paranormal Activity'.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Inhumane panchayats of Modern India

Recently in West Bengal a Panchayat ordered to rape a woman and now in this modern city of India, an inhumane incident took place, in which panchayat made a woman parade in public with shoes on her head, because she dared to complain against some boys for harassing her.

On one side we are hosting India's 2014 Auto Expo and on the other side such incidents are taking place, which clearly displays the mentality and moral values of our people.

It's a Shame !!!

Some hot models posing in Auto Expo Greater Noida

This is an compilation of some of the models at Auto Expo India, 2014. For more images please search Google Images.

auto expo 2014 models

Fantastic Auto Expo 2014 in Greater Noida

It was great experience to witness 12th Indian auto expo in Greater Noida. Around 6 lakh people visited it,
celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, John Abhraham were also seen dazzling with Cars, including our master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

sachin with bmw i8

Website of Auto Expo - click here

sexy model in auto expo greater noida 2014

70 new vehicles were launched here and that included 26, foreign automobiles. It was complete mind blowing motor show, that displayed some of the sci-fi vehicles like BMW i8, Hyundai HND-9, Renault KWID concept, Jaguar Project 7 and Honda vision XS -1. Some of the two wheeler that were launched are Mahindra Mojo, Bajaj Pulsar SS400 and some other concept bikes.