Thursday, 25 June 2015

Film Director Akash Ashok Raj releases his first Video

"Ki Kya Kehtey hai Maa-Baap" is some 3.5 minutes talk show written & directed by this newcomer film director Akash Ashok Raj who is also acting as a host and a guest on the show actually playing double role in his first video. The cast & crew is just this guy only, from writing to shooting on camera and to editing it,  everything is done by him.

He has also started a production house called "Parallel Universe". The content of video is good but the sound quality needs some equipment update. The video is shot in his room using Semi-SLR camera Fujifilm s6800.

In this video the host asks some questions related with career and marriage and what parents has to say about that. The answers are really funny, he explains how his parents are forcing him to get married and settle down. Watch for yourself, either below or on YouTube.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

News - International Airport in Greater Noida

In 2012, Akhilesh Yadav dropped airport plans at Greater Noida. But in 2014, now after appointment of MP from GB nagar Mr.Mahesh Sharma as junior minister in aviation ministry, he may discuss the plans with UP Government.

He said that airport is necessity of the city. To make the city an Industrial hub, airport is must. He further said that proposal will be finalized within a month and he will talk with other high level authorities.

For complete information please - read this article on Times of India.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Women's bus service between Noida and Greater Noida has been shut down

I was recently at Botanical and had to take a bus for Greater Noida, then I saw this Pink Yellow bus, in which everyone was trying to get in. This pink yellow bus was just for women, but then I thought they might be just carrying everyone, so I move fast toward its door and went in. The bus is normal government bus, I didn't see any teddy bear on its wall. I was waiting for it to move soon, as it was too hot and I was getting sweaty and finally thank god the bus moved, I was enjoying the wind coming from everywhere and then I suddenly saw a lady ticket conductor. It was not the first time I saw her, I saw her around 1 year ago also in normal bus. But looking at a female conductor is something different, the way she asks for ticket, writes the pending amount, hold her pen, argue sometimes, smile on something. I think the bus was women's bus, so nobody bothered because all the passengers were females. but when most passengers are males, she definitely gets more attention and even more respect than male conductors.

She is dusky, strong and beautiful bold lady, who is working as a conductor in a bus. And I see these women arguing why this bus service was stopped? I was reading an article here - , and there was a line that - , "Noida women insist that the service was useful to them after all. "It was a welcome move. We were assured of safe travelling. Violence against women is on the rise and such initiatives were helpful." The bus was shut down because it even didn't had 75% of passengers, on average it had only 12% women using that bus service, due to which things were getting in loss and officials later decided to shut down this service.

I am not against this service for women, but I am against this idea that they would not feel safe with men in bus. And what about that lady conductor? I saw her, she was confident and had no problem in interacting with any male passenger, neither any male passenger bothered her. May be any male passenger misbehaves with her, but she has everyone around her, it becomes the responsibility of everyone to raise their voice against crime. Using separate modes of  transportation will not going to make you feel safe. This is society, you have to get fit into it. You must help others when they are in need and other will help you when you are in need.  And how many separate things government will provide you, or how many separate things you will be able to afford. Can you afford a private jet? Will you book a complete compartment just for yourself when you will travel via train? Can it be possible to have women's only metro station or a Highway just for women? Wanting everything separately means what?

It is better to change yourself, it is better to respect each other, it is better to live with peace in society, it is better to get bold, it is better to raise your voice, it is better for people in society to help each other, otherwise society will face only problems and destruction.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

BJP Leader Vijay Pandit killed in Greater Noida

While returning from his brother's shop, assassins fired several shots at Mr.Pandit, one of the shot hits his chest too. The police sources that that incident took place around 8:30pm. Killers ran away leaving their motorbike behind, they also fired some shots in air to scare the people around.

Police sources said that there could be involvement of some local gang. When BJP workers and other people knew about this incident, they reached the site of crime, where they there stones on buses and on police, due to which two policemen were also injured.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Need people to volunteer to act in an independent horror film

We are looking to start our career in film making and for that we need people in Greater Noida between age 19-30 years old, who are interested in drama, acting to volunteer to act in our first film for free. We will not be able to make any money from our first few films, because we will be new and distributors cannot therefore trust us, but if we are able to produce some entertaining films we soon might get some reputed producers and distributors.

Currently we have not named anything, but I am making post here to seek whether I get any response from people, unless and until I don't have my own crew that is willing to put their acting skills in our project, film making will be a little difficult for us. So, if you are in Greater Noida/Noida and willing to join us please mail us your name, mobile number, city, age, photo on our email id.

Our first film will be a horror film, that we will release on Internet. We need actors, Sound designers to write background score for our movie (If you want to do it for free and get your name publish), if we didn't get any sound designer, we will do it our self.

Currently the roles available are -
1) Leading Male Actor (19-30 years old)
2) Leading Female Actress.(19-24 years old)
3) Second male lead role.(19-30 years old)
4) Second female lead role(19-30 years old)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Need an actor and actress for an upcoming video web series

There is an upcoming film project that is scheduled to be shot in August 2014. It will be an Independent project that requires an actress and an actor. The project is similar to the movie 'Paranormal Activity'. If you want to get more details about Paranormal activity here is the link -

If you inspire to act and make your future in films, it is a chance for you to become part of a film. Greater Noida is full of young talents. Together we can create this opportunity to accomplish an actual project and move a step ahead towards film making and acting.

It will be maximum 10 days shoot in august 2014 and in Greater Noida. Need an actress and an actor between age 20-24 years old, with minimum height of 5ft.2 inch for female and 5ft.6 inch for male. Both must be bold and good looking and have confidence and acting skills. More details about your role will be emailed to you once you are selected. You are required to mail us your name, age and a photo at -

Currently we have not disclosed any other film related information like story or it's name, but if you want to get an idea you can watch 'Paranormal Activity'.